visine (visine) wrote,


....I've seen better days than today. It's just one of those days that I had to stay in bed. Work is not enjoyable anymore like it used to be. Like the expression goes "back to the salt mines" I really feels like somone working the salt mines.

I, at least, spoke to my HOD about a third year subject that I'm not happy with. I'm not coping with that one. I don't have enough experience or knowledge to teach it. I don't even have a text book to follow. But it seems that I have no chioce. I'll have to continue.

I enjoyed Durban. Went there for the weekend. Just to do shopping. Spent two entire days in the shops.

Ooooh....look at the time. Another lecture at 1, then I'm finished for the day. How I love Tuesdays!
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