visine (visine) wrote,

Take the day of and relax

I'm running late today. I woke up real early to prepare for my lectures. I was so casual that I didn't keep an eye on the time. Now I'm late and bothered. And when you are running late the whole world seems to be in reverse gear - at the filling station the service is super slow, on the roads people drive like old snails Uuugh. I get so frustrated with this place sometimes. And today is one of those sometimes. Life where I live is like walking in thick sticky mud. Super-fucken-slow. Nothing works properly.

So I decided, after all the preparation, to cancel all my classes! Great I have the whole day to myself. No I lie..I have so much work on my desk...but who cares. I think I'm going to the beach! Now wouldn't that be nice (Oh I love Word's spell check). My English spelling is real bad!

Any case, if Someone is reading this. I have about a zillion questions that I want to ask you. Would you prefer I email them to you or do you want to remain public?
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