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....I've seen better days than today. It's just one of those days that I had to stay in bed. Work is not enjoyable anymore like it used to be. Like the expression goes "back to the salt mines" I really feels like somone working the salt mines.

I, at least, spoke to my HOD about a third year subject that I'm not happy with. I'm not coping with that one. I don't have enough experience or knowledge to teach it. I don't even have a text book to follow. But it seems that I have no chioce. I'll have to continue.

I enjoyed Durban. Went there for the weekend. Just to do shopping. Spent two entire days in the shops.

Ooooh....look at the time. Another lecture at 1, then I'm finished for the day. How I love Tuesdays!
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you've written something... perhaps i will get to know you a little after all. i dont like salt mines either... they can be very dissapointing sometimes... there will be this big hill of salt..and you'll think, "such beautiful snow," only to find out that it's just salt. that's sort of how everything's all just salt isn't it?
The fastest way to get to know me is by asking me questions. Give me your best ten!

Heap of shit more likely! Anycase that's why I changed the look of my page. Do you like it?? I thought I needed some sun shine.

Buy the way - I have never seen snow! Can you believe it?
1-what do you create? how do you satisfy your creative tendencies?
2-how do you describe yourself?
3-how would you like to describe yourself?
4-if you had the choice, would you rather have never been born, or is life worth living despite it's resemblance to a heap of shit?
5-what are some of your favorite things? list 10 of them...
6-what is your favorite book?
7-what are your top 5 favorite bands
8-why do you like fiona apple?
9-what is your favorite color?
10-what is something that you like about yourself?

oh and i do just love the sunny feel to your journal!
1. I seem to be good at creating lots of work for myself. :) I have gone through about a zillion things - the latest is web pages. I always wanted to know how they get web pages to talk to a database. Now I was a challenge. I will most probable get bored with it and find something new.

2.Jack of all trades master of none

3. Envious, respectable, irresistible handsome. (keep on dreaming boy!)

4. Live is well worth livingnow!.it hasn't always been that way.

5. Ice cream, chocolate, home, flirting, laughing, good movies, music, getting away with murder and earning your own money. (sex is good as well)

6. I don't read much - especially fiction. (too lazy) rather watch the movie. At the moment ASP in 24 hours.

7. At the moment:
U2, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Fairground Attraction, Eurithmics, REM, Nirvana (only unplugged), Queen, . And lots more. Generally I'm more into lyrics than big sound (does it make sense?)

8. The newest craze in my life. And because she is so versatile.

9. Blue

10. The ability to stay calm, ..also something I hate about myself

I will think of something to ask you. But it's getting late (12:15) at this end and I have a long day ahead tomorrow. Talk to you soon.