visine (visine) wrote,

let the adventure begin

It hit me last knight really hard. .........I'm leaving................. I'm leaving so many things behind that I have come to love and cherish. Like the family dog. Her name is Lassy. A cross between a Jack Russel and Beagle. She loves the kids, and we all love her. Our house. I left that behind as well. Were not selling, just renting. But I have lived in that semi face brick house for 9 years. Our first house. She is like my first love.

Kids and wife I will see again. So they don't count.

Today I left for Pretoria with only 2 suitcases, and a laptop. I'm going on a two year adventure and I'm tagging my family along.

The car trip lasted just over 7 hours. I drove up with Renier (wife's half brother) in his very compact little car.

Tomorrow....I have to pick up certificates so that I can get them stamped on Monday.

This was my first entry in a very long while. And so short as well. But have mercy - I have had very little sleep in the last 24 hours.
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